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Progetti internazionali

Since 2020, Città Azzurra, in collaboration with the Office for Foreign Affairs and Voluntary Work of the Autonomous Province of Bolzano and thanks to the contribution of the Diocese of Bolzano and Bressanone, has been implementing projects in so-called developing countries.

These are mostly projects for building schools, kindergartens, medical centers, wells and water basins in Tanzania, Kenya and Uganda International cooperation embraces the activities of actors who support people in need and who promote economic, social and cultural development around the world. International cooperation covers the fields of humanitarian aid, cooperation for development and the promotion of peace.

For these projects you can make donations or dedicate the “5 per mille” of your annual tax return by indicating the following tax code: 01493930216.

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We have carried out two projects between 2021 and 2022 and presented others for 2023 which we will unveil soon.

2021/2022 - Kenya and Tanzania

Construction of 3 workshops for a girls' secondary school in Arusha - Tanzania

This project aims to reduce the high illiteracy rate caused by the drop-out rate of primary school between the Maasai and Waarusha girls of Njiro – Olkereyan through teaching, the impact of life skills on the child and self development.

Complete renovation of the Ebukhuliti primary school in Ebusiratsi Luanda - Vihiga District - Western Kenya

The project involves the complete renovation of the Ebukhuliti Primary School. The school currently houses 845 students, including 420 boys to 425 girls, but all environments, as well as the rainwater drainage system, are in dilapidated condition. Floors destroyed, broken or missing French windows, collapsed plaster, pools of stagnant water outside the classroom.

2020 - Kenya and Tanzania

The first approach that Città Azzurra has had with international cooperation is in 2020 thanks to the Partner Circle Association of Merano. This company, an expert in the field of volunteering, is currently our partner and promoter of our current and future projects.

We traveled from southern Tanzania in the Dakawa region to Arusha in the north of the country. After that, we moved to Kenya, more precisely to Nairobi and the region of Luanda.

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