Sparkasse Fundation helps Città Azzurra to achieve its goals

Always careful to supporting innovative-, excellent- and social addicted initiatives and projects, Sparkasse Fundation has accepted the request of Città Azzurra of having a new nine seats van to give a better services to its audience.

Città Azzurra’ services and aims can be included in the list of those that are worthly of contribution by Sparkasse Fundation. First of all the contributions go to art, culture, science research, but support to services for socially weak categories is not missing, including the sectors of youth and elderly activities, civil protection, healthcare, environmental and consumer protection and volunteering.

Purchase objectives

The aim of purchaising a new 9-seats van is that of giving a bettere service to psychiatric patients and to every user of Città Azzurra services and facilities, including Talea-Project’s users who have serious disabilities and motor difficulties.

The van is very appreciated by all the operators who deal with the care of these kind of patients with disabilities, and by the patients themselves who can acquire autonomy thanks to the large spaces.

Obviously will the van use for other goals, like easy moving from a structure to another and for giving care service to patients who are in other place out of Bolzano.

Official delivery

On May 22, 2024 at 10 am, the vehicle, branded Sparkasse Cassa di Risparmio, was officially delivered by Dr. Luisa Zamboni, member of the Foundation to President Carrescia and councilor Moser. The Foundation contributed an amount of €3,500.00 granted on 25 March 2024.